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Online Pump Selector, Configurator, and Quotation/Ordering Tool

Only the Selector module is available for Layne products at this time.

Encompass 2.0
: For links to 40 Encompass 2.0 "How to" videos, scroll to the "" section at the bottom of this screen and click on "".
  To access Encompass 2.0 click here. After you have navigated to this page, if you do not have a login name and password, click on the E2accessrequest@pentair.com link at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically generate an email in your email program. Provide the requested information and click on 'Send'

Your email must include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your company name
  • Your email address
  • Your Pentair Flow Technology sales representative (regional sales manager)
Training Materials

CSI Typical Specifications - click below to access the Layne/Verti-Line typical specs for vertical turbine pumps

       Enclosed Lineshaft Construction - Oil Lubricated

       Enclosed Lineshaft Construction - Water Flush Lubricated

       Open Lineshaft Construction


Electronic Estimate Sheet Program

Intended for use only by Layne/Verti-Line authorized distributors, successful download of the electronic pricing program requires an Individual Passcode.  If you are an authorized distributor and have forgotten or misplaced your Individual Passcode, please contact the factory.

                                DOWNLOAD  -  Layne/Verti-Line Estimate Sheet Program, December 2008 Release (effective 1/1/09)

 Steps for Installation:

1. Click on "Download" above, and then "Run" to download the file to your local computer.  You must have 50 MG of free space available on your computer for the download and installation process to be successful.  If you have a dial-up connection, it is strongly recommended that you download directly from the CD.  Those with high speed internet connection will experience about a 5 to 10 minute download time.

2. When prompted, click on "Install Program", which will be followed by the prompt for your Individual Passcode.  Key it in and press Enter.  When the installation is complete, close and go to the "C:\" drive on your computer.  A new directory will have been established called "LV Price Estimate Programs". 

3.  Click on the directory, select "Turbine Projects", and then "Turbine Program.exe", and begin using the pricing program.

4.  The program will run locally on your computer and will have to be downloaded again only for an upgrade, or if passwords are changed.

5.  If you encounter problems with the installation, please contact Kevin Cruzan at 913/748-4058.

6.  For help with the pricing program, contact your Layne/Verti-Line account executive.


Layne/Verti-Line Pump, P.O. Box 6999, Kansas City, KS  66106-0999  913/371-5000, Fax 913/748-4030 Email:  layne_info@pentairpump.com